Armed Guard Services for Hire in Metro Detroit

Preferred Armed Security Guard Company in Detroit and Surrounding Areas

Armed Guard Services for Hire in Metro Detroit | Scioto Security - armedWhen you have the need for an armed guard service for business security, warehouse security, or a bodyguard, look no farther than Scioto Security. We have the best armed guards you can possibly enlist for your protection and have a proven record of accomplishment for over 25 years.

Professionally Trained Personnel

Our highly trained and skilled armed guard services in Westland, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dearborn, Pontiac, Taylor, and the surrounding Metro Detroit areas include many former military and police officers who have already been trained. Even with former training, all of our personnel go through a rigorous professional training program to ensure your safety on all levels. Our customized program includes 40 hours of classroom training; learning the current laws and arrest rights, skills for confrontation, and understanding the legal authority of armed guards. The entire program is spearheaded by the Detroit police offices for training and inspection of each employee.

Safety and Security

Get peace of mind with professional security from Scioto. Armed security guards protect all of your assets from theft by armed intruders and disgruntled employees; we also make certain that your employees remain safe at all times from any unwanted people on your property. Our skilled employees can protect you and your property at any time of the day or night with our 24/7 dispatch crew readily available. For this reason and more, Scioto Security has remained the premier professional security service of choice in the Metro Detroit area.

Protecting Your Investments

As a business owner or manager of a plant, construction project, or a hotel, you have to make certain that your investments are protected at all times. With an armed guard on your premises, you can be confident criminals will think twice before committing crimes like theft, vandalism, and bodily harm on your property. Our trusted professional armed guards give you the security you need so that you don’t suffer losses or have the need for lengthy insurance claims and all the red tape associated with it. All of our guards receive personalized, on-going training to be knowledgeable and skilled in current laws as well as new, innovative training to skillfully outsmart thieves and intruders. If you need the peace of mind knowing an armed guard is on site, call Scioto and ensure safety for yourself, your investments, and assets and all of your employees.

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

Our customers enjoy no-contract plans, 24/7 dispatch, and no extra charges for overtime after hours or on weekends.

For over two decades, the armed and unarmed guards of Scioto Security have protected the people of Metro Detroit. If you need protective services, call us. We’ll get you covered.