Unarmed Guard Services for Hire in Metro Detroit

Preferred Unarmed Guard Services in Detroit and the Surrounding Areas

Unarmed Guard Services for Hire in Metro Detroit | Scioto Security - unarmedUnfortunately, thefts and other crimes are a reality for just about every small business. While criminals tend to most often target retail stores, convenience stores, and banks for crimes, a wide variety of businesses can be a target for petty thieves and criminals. At Scioto Security Company, we provide unarmed guard services to maintain security, prevent crime, and assist employees and customers in Westland, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dearborn, Pontiac, Taylor, and the surrounding Metro Detroit areas .

Professional Security Guards on Call in Metro Detroit

Without a doubt, theft or property damage committed by criminals can have a major financial toll on a business. Not only that, but the mere presence of criminals on the premises of a business can pose a security threat to customers and employees alike. Fortunately, business owners who want to deter criminals and boost security can hire professional security guards on call in Metro Detroit.

Customers who choose our unarmed guard services can expect:

  • Experienced and well-trained professionals
  • Officers equipped with communication devices
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • 24-hour communication and dispatch
  • Patrol services

Benefits of Having a Security Guard

Sense of Security

The main advantage of having a security guard on business premises is the increased sense of security. Not only do business owners feel safer when a security guard is present, but so do employees and customers. This is especially true when a business is located in high-risk areas or you deal in very expensive merchandise. Employees will be easier to retain and customers will feel safe to enter the business.

Crime Prevention

Another advantage of having a security guard is the prevention of crime. If there are security guards on the premises of a business, you can bet that criminals will think twice or thrice about targeting you. After all, guards are a much better deterrent than camera surveillance or even a security system. Our professional guards are able to detect suspicious activity and stop a criminal in his or her tracks.

Working with Scioto Security Company

We know that businesses have invaluable assets, which is why we are willing to take a risk to protect the lives and property of our customers.

Without a doubt, paying for security guard services can mean the difference between financial security and bankruptcy- even life and death.

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

Our customers enjoy no-contract plans, 24/7 dispatch, and no extra charges for overtime after hours or on weekends.

For over two decades, the armed and unarmed guards of Scioto Security have protected the people of Metro Detroit. If you need protective services, call us. We’ll get you covered.