Security Guards For Hire In Troy

Crimes are an unfortunate part of society Contacting Scioto Security is your first step towards safeguarding your property, protecting your employees and providing peace of mind at your business. While criminals tend to most often target retail stores, convenience stores, and banks for crimes, a wide variety of businesses can be a target for petty thieves and criminals. Not only that, but the mere presence of criminals on the premises of a business can pose a security threat to customers and employees alike. Your first step towards gaining control and minimizing the potential daily risks is to call Scioto Security and allow our team deploy the necessary resources and personnel to provide peace of mind to your business. Our trusted professional armed guards give you the security you need so that you don't suffer losses or have the need for lengthy insurance claims and all the red tape associated with it.

Professional Security Personnel To Protect Your Business Assets, Customers and Employees Throughout Troy MI

security guards for hireWhen you have the need for an armed guard service for business security, warehouse security, or a bodyguard, look no farther than Scioto Security. We have the best armed guards you can possibly enlist for your protection and have a proven record of accomplishment for over twenty five years. Our skilled employees can protect you and your property at any time of the day or night with our 24/7 dispatch crew readily available near your location in Troy. Scioto provides the industries most reputable security professionals, that undergo extensive training and background checks. In addition to a rigorous training program, our security team is fingerprinted and cleared by the Michigan State Police and are required to attend mandatory classes for officers every six months.

    • Automotive Centers
    • Industrial Plants
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Multi-tenant Properties
    • Convenience Stores
    • Gas Stations
    • Transit Centers
    • Schools
    • Scrapyards
    • Shopping Centers
    • Retail Stores
    • Construction Sites

Protect Your Assets and Deter Criminals With Professional Security Guards

We help protect your business interests and keep your employees safe, whether you have one location in Troy or multiple locations throughout Michigan. Our security personnel is highly trained to help identify suspicious activity and minimize potential dangers to your employees. At Scioto Security, we have a high standard of excellence for our employees. Our trusted guards often have police & military backgrounds and are true professionals in the industry. Our 24-hour hotline allows our customers to reach and engage with the highest quality and best-trained security guards in the industry. Our skilled employees can protect you and your property at any time of the day or night.

Top Reasons Why Companies In Troy Choose Scioto For Their Security Services

  • Individually trained and inspected by Detroit police officers
  • Communication skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Trained and adept at handing confrontation and dealing with crowds
  • Forty hours of classroom security guard training
  • Knowledgeable of present laws and arrest rights in Michigan